Strides for Peace 2022 Race Against Gun Violence
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Fundraiser for The Kindness Campaign

Event Fundraiser: Strides for Peace 2022 Race Against Gun Violence

The Kindness Campaign creates local leaders, involved community members, engaged businesses and at-promise young adults through leadership of impact initiatives.

The Kindness Campaign implements fearless approaches to initiate social change and improvement by taking risks on new ideas and approaches, partnering “across lines” with people and organizations that share our belief to engage people and change the community for the better, today. We don’t limit ourselves to any one sector or issue, but instead let a set of core values drive all our initiatives.

The Kindness Campaign is a part of the 2020 Race Against Gun Violence to galvanize the community to be the force that stops the violence. For generations, an individual’s community served an important role by acting as a support system. A strong community benefits everyone, the community itself, and the greater society.  People of all ages who feel a sense of belonging tend to lead happier and healthier lives, and strong communities create a more stable and supportive society.

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About The Kindness Campaign
The Kindness Campaign

The Kindness Campaign ignites in people the pure quality of being friendly, generous and considerate by leading with acts of kindness.  We envision a future where compassion is at the core of all human interaction.