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Strides for Peace 2022 Race Against Gun Violence
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The Hustle Mommies and the Hustle Mommies Task Force are raising and walking to raise funds for the PAINT THE HOOD ORANGE initiative as we are dedicated to raising funds to help mom led organizations and movements get support as we fight as a collective to cure inner city gun violence. Running/ walking with us will support our families and our task force that are committed to helping the South and West Sides of Chicago as we fight to help our communities as we help our moms launch business that can improve their homes and neighborhoods. The PAINT THE HOOD ORANGE campaign was launched on THE REAL national television show and so far we are hosting popup bbqs all over the South and West Sides of Chicago and we are hosting community meetings to mobilize the community. Visit to learn more about our fight against gun violence!  See The Real interview below:

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Hustle Mommies

The Hustle Mommies movement is dedicated to ensuring that moms in urban, inner city environments voices are heard and that we build our communities up as moms dedicated to uplifting urban families. We focus on five focus areas which are emotional wellness, effective parenting, urban education for the urban family, career and entrepreneurial development and curing gun violence to protect urban families. Our initiative PAINT THE ORANGE was designed to be led by the newly assembled Hustle Mommies Task Force where we are dedicated to raising awareness about inner city gun violence by amplifying the voices of moms (and dads) who have lost their kids/significant others to inner city gun violence.