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Chicago Survivors
Chicago Survivors is a social service provider of multi-cultural services to family members who have lost a loved one to homicide in Chicago. Through a full range of services, including immediate crisis response, family trauma-informed counseling and criminal justice advocacy, we empower families to live beyond their extreme loss.

When the unthinkable happens, we'll be there.

Our Crisis Responders arrive at the scene or hospital within hours of a homicide to help survivor families cope and take the next steps. They provide information on the family's crime victim rights, including rights in funeral planning.

Our licensed Youth Clinical Counselors are specifically trained to provide therapy to children who have been severely traumatized. The Youth Clinical Counselors triage, support children, teens, and parents as they process their experience and fast-track referral of children who are severely traumatized.

Through Supportive Counseling, our Family Support Specialists provide coping skill-building to family members following their loss, including exercises in self-awareness, meditation and relaxation, stress reduction, anger management, assistance with insomnia, and other effects of violent loss.

In Illinois, the immediate surviving family members related to a homicide victim are crime victims too. This means you are entitled by law to respect, information, and services. Chicago Survivors is here to guide you through this experience. Our services are free, voluntary, and open to family members of Chicago homicide victims.

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