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2024 Race Against Gun Violence

Strides for Peace 2024 Race Against Gun Violence
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Strides for Peace

Our vision is a Chicago where all can thrive and live free of the fear of gun violence. Our mission is to increase the collective impact of community organizations working to END gun violence, save lives and build a stronger Chicago.

To do this, we seek to address investment and proximity gaps in efforts to end gun violence, by funding and seeding growth for a diverse collaborative of organizations throughout the city. Strides for Peace intentionally engages different sized organizations with a spectrum of interventions and responses – gun violence is too complex to be solved by only one or two approaches: we must work together.

Our partners, who are trusted and respected in communities most impacted by violence, inform all our work. We listen to and learn from them and they listen to and learn from each other. Together, we build individual and collective capacity so we all grow more effective in addressing the impacts of, and ultimately ending, gun violence.

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