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About United Power for Action and Justice - Gun Safety Consortium
United Power for Action and Justice - Gun Safety Consortium

United Power for Action and Justice
United Power for Action and Justice is a non-partisan community organization composed of 40 religious congregations, not-for-profit groups, hospitals, health centers and civic organizations from across Cook County. Our member organizations represent over 250,000 people — families, people of a variety of faiths, participants in secular community organizations — who live and work in the City of Chicago and the Cook County suburbs. Our volunteer leaders are our backbone; they are concerned citizens who consult with neighbors, shape goals and strategy to address pressing social problems and pressure people in power to seek positive, creative solutions.


Gun Safety Consortium (GSC)

The GSC's primary goal is to decrease the number of gun deaths and injuries by reducing the number of unsecured guns in America. Studies show that more than half of gun-owning households in the country fail to keep all their guns secure. One main reason is the lack of reliable, secure, quick-access locking devices. These unsecured guns have deadly consequences:

  •  An estimated 400,000 guns are stolen each year from homes, vehicles, and businesses.     
  • Unsecured guns are used in thousands of suicides each year and in hundreds of accidental shootings by children. Sixty percent of gun deaths every year are suicides; the majority of guns used in suicides by youth are owned by relatives who left the firearms unsecured.

One reason gun owners cite for not securing their weapons is the perceived trade-off between securing a gun and accessing it quickly. Until recently there were few products, if any, that allowed for both. New ready-access locking and storage devices create the possibility that millions more gun owners will secure their weapons. The GSC is working with entrepreneurs/developers to test products and bring to market locking systems that gun owners will consistently use in order to reduce harm. The Gun Safety Consortium is backed by gun enthusiasts as well as gun violence prevention advocates. This approach will bridge the current partisan divide by focusing on what we can all agree upon: gun safety and gun ownership responsibility.