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Through generous public donations, the Advocate Trauma Recovery Center is able to provide a multitude of services to victims of intentional crimes. These services include, but are not limited to, emergency food donations, help with paying outsanding utility bills, help with paying rent and help with needed clothing. We do ths work with the understanding that in order for someone to begin the healing process, basic life needs must be met. Examples include not feeling safe in your home enviroment because that may have been the location of the crime, not being able to work based on injuries suffered from the crime, etc. Donations collected through Strides For Peace help ensure we are able to meet our patient population's immeidate and long-term needs.

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About Advocate Trauma Recovery Center
Advocate Trauma Recovery Center
The Advocate Trauma Recovery Center is a health care-based violence intervention program that provides quality services and resources to survivors of intentional trauma with compassion, respect and care. Our purpose is to aid individuals who have experienced trauma in rebuilding, restoring and strengthening their sense of safety by ending the cycle of violence. We provide access to trauma-informed care by acknowledging how past and present traumatic experiences and stress may impact the individuals and families we are serving. Our team is specially trained to support the unique needs of survivors and their families to foster hope for a better future.