About Strides for Peace

Our Vision
A Chicago where all can thrive and live free of the fear of gun violence.

Our Mission
To increase the collective impact of community organizations working to stop gun violence, save lives and build a stronger Chicago.

Our Core Values

Empower: We seek to empower organizations working to stop gun violence by creating new opportunities to bring people and resources together to support their work.

Collaborate: We believe all of Chicagoland has a stake in gun violence and that by working together we can stop the violence.

Elevate: We strive to elevate the work and perspectives of those on the frontlines of the violence to inform solution-driven dialogue and highlight impactful programs.

About Strides for Peace 

Strides for Peace is a 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 2014 in response to the shockingly high incidence of gun violence that takes place throughout Chicago each year. Our purpose is to identify and financially assist local Community Partners who have achieved demonstrable success in an array of strategies and programs needed to reduce violence and improve life outcomes, including mentoring, sports and recreations, arts, education, job and career preparation, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and leadership development.  Our Community Partners and Affiliates are cornerstones of their communities and share the common goal of ending gun violence.  By deploying capital to those already making a difference in their communities, we can increase the scale of positive impact.  We are on a mission and need your help. We hope you’ll join us, because every stride counts.

Connect. Commit. Contribute. Change.

Be part of building peace in Chicago.